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Pirate's Eye on Samuel Gardner III, M.A. '11  

Samuel Gardner III, M.A. '11 sitting on a couch.Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Samuel Gardner III, M.A. '11 attended small schools in which building strong relationships with his professors and most of his classmates was effortless. In search of the same community-centric atmosphere and professors who are dedicated to seeing students succeed, Gardner decided to pursue his master's degree in Strategic Communications and Leadership at Seton Hall University.

Today, seven years after graduating from The Hall, Gardner is a newsroom manager for KYW-TV, a CBS owned and operated station in Philadelphia. He credits his Seton Hall degree with helping him effectively analyze an organization to develop a strategy that would improve their functionality. In addition to managing the newsroom at KYW, Gardner is the internship coordinator at the station and has mentored multiple Seton Hall students throughout his career. For Gardner, helping the next generation of Pirates is his way of showing gratitude to the school that guided his professional development, "I consider it an honor to be able to serve and be a part of the Seton Hall family." Believing that his role at The Hall did not end with guiding students through internships, Gardner began teaching Communication Ethics as an adjunct professor last semester at Seton Hall. His class combines both theoretical and practical knowledge that students can apply in the field.

As an adjunct professor, Gardner's biggest advice to Seton Hall students is to believe in the importance of networking, continually telling his students to, "tap into the network that they have established" for mentors, friends and possible employers.

Gardner is not only an adjunct professor but also a member of the president's advisory group for the College of Communication and the Arts, a member of the Alumni Board of Directors and part of the mentorship program. As an active alumnus of the Seton Hall community, Gardner charges his fellow alumni with remaining engaged as well, "just because you graduated and moved on, you can't allow your institution to be in the rearview. It's important that you give back by donating your talent and your treasures."

Gardner was one of Seton Hall's ambassadors during last year's Get to 10 campaign, in which President Meehan challenged the alumni community with increasing its participation rate from 8.3% to 10%. The alumni community succeeded and surpassed the 10% goal, helping to improve Seton Hall's national reputation and he highlights the fact alumni can make The Hall a better place for future students.

Samuel Gardner is one of more than of 100,000 living alumni; he exemplifies what great minds can do with a Seton Hall education. To learn more about becoming involved in Seton Hall's alumni programming and offerings, visit

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