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Pirate's Eye on Christian Zeron '16  

Christian Zeron '16Alumnus Christian Zeron '16, founder and CEO of Theo & Harris, a vintage watch company, recently cracked $2 million in sales. Zeron started his company in 2015 while he was a student at Seton Hall. Accompanied by alumna Anna Griffin '17, director of content and advertising, Zeron and his team at Theo & Harris tackled the watch industry with their creativity and ingenuity. 

Zeron was a Catholic studies major as an undergraduate while Griffin majored in journalism with a minor in web design. Between the two, their fields of study have offered the company a unique perspective for engaging with the business world. 

A conversation with Zeron:

Pirate Press (PP): What role did your Seton Hall experiences play in your success with Theo & Harris? 

Christian Zeron (CZ): Seton Hall was a home for me. I took my time as a student seriously, studied diligently and used my four years to grow and develop into the person I am today. I always believed that the faculty made it their personal mission to guide students and build lasting relationships. Professor Scherreik is a shining example of this. By encouraging me to compete in Pirates Pitch, she involved herself in my business in a very meaningful way. 

PP: How did your time as Catholic studies major prepare you for running Theo & Harris? 

CZ: While Neither Tertullian nor St. Augustine taught me how to run an effective online business in the 21st century, grappling with the questions, ideas and problems they posed centuries ago trained me to address the problems I face today. My major in Catholic studies helped maximize my critical thinking and processing abilities and allowed me to solve the issues I address regularly. I am so grateful for those teachings. 

PP: What role have your employees played as part of the Theo & Harris Team? 

CZ: I met Anna, Theo & Harris' Director of Content and Advertising, before Theo & Harris existed. It was the fall semester of my sophomore year and we were competing in a Mock Trial competition in Rhode Island. I hired her almost immediately. Since then, she has proven to be one of the most passionate and capable people I have ever met. Without her and Aaron Schmidt, our webmaster, Theo & Harris would be little more than one of my college day dreams. 

PP: Who was one of your favorite faculty members in your time as a student? 

CZ: The time I spent with Professors Maloney and Choi was incredible. They are invaluable to Seton Hall. I would also say that Father Milewski's class on Dante's Commedia is one of the best courses in America. But ultimately, if it was not for Dr. Murzaku's wisdom and guidance, I do not know where I would be right now.

PP: What advice do you have to current students embarking on their respective career paths? 

CZ: You're not as young as you think, so take these years seriously. There are 16 year old boys and girls in this world - kids less capable than you - that are working tirelessly to achieve more than people your own age.

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