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Seton Hall University
Two people viewing the exhibit for From Italy to America.

Past Events


October 16-17, 2008
Technology and the Printed Media in Italy between 1870 and 1914

December 4, 2004
Real Stories: Discrimination And Defamation in the History of Italian Americans
A day-long conference which involved academics, entertainers, media critics, politicians, and representatives of major Italian American organizations.  The conference was organized as a joint project with the Anti-Bias Committee of UNICO National, and co-sponsored by the National Italian American Foundation, the New Jersey Italian American Heritage Commission, the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the Order of the Sons of Italy in America, the American Italian Historical Association and the Center for Italian and Italian American Culture, the conference was the focus of a documentary film, and the conference papers will be published in a book on the history of discrimination against Italian Americans

Purchase the DVD on or e-mail to purchase from the Alberto Institute.

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Fall 2018 

Tuesday, September 11 Italian Studies Scholarship event and Msgr. Granato Medal Award Presentation. Keynote speaker Frank Cannata ’55, “A Message of Hope”
Bethany Hall A

Thursday, October 25 Lecture Patrizia Sambuco, Alberto Institute Visiting Scholar “Fascist Food Discourses in 1930’s Italy: Cultural Representations and Literary Challe5033nges”
Beck Rooms

Thursday, November 8 Sicilian Poetry Reading
The Theater in the Round
University Center

Wednesday, November 14 Gioachino Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville”

More information to follow. Events begin at 6 p.m.

RSVP: Barbara Ritchie at (973) 275-2967 or

Spring 2018 

Monday, February 19
Eugenia Paulicelli (CUNY) Lecture: "Italian Style: from the Divas to the Great Beauty." 
Beck Rooms

Monday, February 26
Trio of Porta Genova (Italy) Performance: Soundtracks of Italian Cinema.
Beck Rooms

Monday, March 26
Helena Sanson (Cambridge) Lecture: 'Isabella Sori's Ammmaestramenti and Difese (1628): A Woman's Life in 17th-Century Italy
Beck Rooms

Tuesday, April 3
Margherita Ganeri (Visiting Scholar, University of Calabria) Lecture: The Illusions of Gattopardismo: the Unmasking of a Deceptive Ideology in Tomasi's Il Gattopardo.
Beck Rooms

Tuesday, April 10
James Hankins (Harvard) Lecture: The Italian Humanists on Tyranny
Beck Rooms

Fall 2017 
Tuesday, September 26
Scholarship Award Event
Chancellor’s Suite Book Presentation — “The Routledge History Of Italian Americans” William Connell and Stan Pugliese, Hofstra University

Monday, October 16
Lecture by Giuseppe Catozzella
Italian Author and Alberto Institute Visiting Scholar
Beck Rooms

Tuesday, December 5
Puccini’s Madama Butterfly

Spring 2017 

Monday, January 30
Lecture - Prof. Laura Benedetti - Georgetown University
"Un Paese De Carta"
Beck Rooms

Monday, February 20
Bill Dal Cerro
Bebob, Swing and Bella Musica: Jazz and the Italian American Experience
Beck Rooms

Tuesday, March 14*
Walter Veltroni
Ex Mayor of Rome
For more information »
Beck Rooms
*This event was cancelled and rescheduled due to inclement weather. 

Monday, March 27
Martina Piperno - University of Warwick
Alberto Institute Visiting Scholar
Beck Rooms

Fall 2016 

Monday, September 26
20th Anniversary of the Valente Library
Chancellor's Suite

Monday, October 17
"Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: The Artist And His Politics"
Lecture - Ernest Ialongo, CUNY
Beck Rooms

Tuesday, October 25
Italian Studies Scholarship Event
"Migration Italian Style: 'New' Italians in the U.S. on the Backdrop of the Historical Italian Diaspora"
Lecture - Teresa Fiore, Montclair State University
Beck Rooms

Wednesday, November 2 
"Believing the Impossible: Neapolitan Identity and the Cult of San Gennaro"
Ilaria Poerio, Visiting Scholar, University of Reading, UK
Beck Rooms

Wednesday, November 16
Puccini's Tosca

Fall 2015 

Monday, September 21, Chancellor's Suite –University Center

Tuesday, October 6, Beck Rooms, Walsh Library
Lecture – Dalmatian and Istrian Émigré Communities in Post World War II Italy
Dr. Marta Deyrup

Wednesday, November 4, Beck Rooms, Walsh Library
Lecture – Niccolò Ammaniti (Author)

Wednesday, November 18, South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC)
Vivaldi Concert - Salzburg Chamber Soloists

Spring 2015

Monday, February 9, Beck Rooms
The Mysteries of the Marco Polo Maps
Benjamin B. Olshin
The University of the Arts

Monday, March 2
"Daughters of Alchemy: Italian Women at the Dawn of the Scientific Revolution"
Meredith Ray, University of Delaware

Wednesday, April 8, Beck Rooms
The Lost Wave: "Women and Democracy in Italy"
Molly Tambor, Long -Island University

Fall 2014

Tuesday, September 16, The Atrium - Jubilee Hall
Scholarship Awards for Italian Studies
"Migration and Literature"
Prof. Robert Viscusi, Brooklyn College

Tuesday, October 7, Faculty Lounge
"Men of the Cloth"
Vicki Vasilopoulos, Director

Wednesday, October 15, Faculty Lounge
"Opera Divas and Heroines in Nineteenth Century Italy"
Prof. Katharine Mitchell, University of Strathclyde

Monday, November 3, Faculty Lounge
"The Italian Body"
Mauro Peroni

Wednesday, November 5, SOPAC
"I Pagliacci" Concert

Monday, December 1, Faculty Lounge
"The Law of the Land"
Director Fred Kuwornu

Fall 2008

September 30, 2008: Italian Americans of Newark, Belleville and Nutley, presentation and book-signing by Sandra Lee, Ph.D. 
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