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Why Values Matter

Why Values Matter

Leadership training expert, Rocky Romanella, believes that leadership is not a passive duty, but an active responsibility. According to Romanella, this means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization.

Offered on Friday, November 17 from 9 - 1 p.m., Romanella, a former president and general manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions leads a CEPS professional development seminar entitled, Why Values Matter. The program was developed by Romanella to inspire and empower business and organizational leaders who are interested in learning how to establish a values-oriented organizational culture that exceeds personal, team, and institutional goals.

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Good Leaders Do The Right Thing

CEPS instructor and former UPS executive, Rocky Romanella, discusses strategies for effective leadership.


Why Values Matter will focus on developing leadership techniques for employees to support organizational values. The seminar will explore five essential components of values-based leadership:

  1. Balanced Leadership – Highly-effective leaders must have balance when considering their business approach. Using a proprietary model, leaders will learn how to inspire their team by identifying individual and organizational values and distinguishing those attributes which can never be compromised.
  2. Mission and Vision - Creating a strong value system is a key part of an organization's culture. There must be a connection to the mission and vision that is demonstrated in institutional practices including recruiting, onboarding, and annual performance reviews. Here, we will examine the tools that leaders can use to guide actions and decisions consistent with organizational strategy.
  3. Expectations and Accountability - Setting clear expectations for a team is a strategic imperative when it comes to ensuring alignment with leadership values. Our program will delve into the process of setting leadership targets as an essential part of ensuring accountability.
  4. Stress and Decision Making - Many factors place pressure on individuals within an organization. Sometimes mounting stress can keep employees from making the best choices. This segment will explore the impact of stress on decision making.
  5. Exceptional Leadership - A leader who brings their values to life helps to institutionalize them. It is a deliberate and thoughtful process that incorporates the paradigm of what "Exceptional Leadership Looks Like," and ensures that those values speak to and motivate employees throughout the organization.


Through this program, participants will learn the five essential components of value-based leadership: balanced leadership, mission and vision, expectations and accountability, decision making, and exceptional leadership. Participants will gain the skills needed to effectively engage their team on a higher level to achieve successful outcomes. 

Attendees can also earn up to 4 SHRM Professional Development Credits for attending this workshop.

Intended Audience

The program will provide a valuable resource for current and aspiring leaders in business, government, schools, and other non-profit organizations.


Tighten The Lug NutsRocky RomanellaRocky Romanella began a 36-year career with UPS on June 15, 1976 as a part-time loader and unloader. From there, Romanella climbed the ranks to become President and General Manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Romanella went on to serve as CEO and Director for UniTek Global Services, a mid-cap telecommunications solutions company. His experience in operational management, business integration, telecommunications, franchise development, supply chains, and leadership development led to founding 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. Romanella is the author of Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership, which explores the ways a true leader can add value as a trusted advisor, mentor, and visionary who uses a process approach to lead the organization and its people to new levels of success. Rocky holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management from St. John's University.

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Attending these workshops can earn you up to 4 SHRM Professional Development Credits.

Alumni and early bird discounts available.

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