Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology
Lewis Hall
Seton Hall Has Top 12 Fastest Growing Seminary

The Deseret News identifies Immaculate Conception Seminary among 12 of the fastest growing seminaries in North America.

Seminary Classroom
Theology Faculty & Administration News

Learn about the service and professional activities of the Seminary faculty and administration.

Painting of Bernard Lonergan
“Who is Jesus of Nazareth” Lecture

Jeremy Wilkins, Director of the Lonergan Research Institute, to give lecture on “Who is Jesus of Nazareth?” on Jan. 29.

Faculty & Administration News (FAN)

  • Dr. Julie V. Burkey facilitates retreats for ICSST's new Certificate in Catholic Evangelization Program
  • ICSST offers retreat series: 70 X 7: Faith, Family, and Forgiveness, Part II.
  • Deacon Andrew E. Saunders serves as co-host and master of ceremonies for Region III General Assembly for Deacons.
  • Reverend Thomas G. Guarino serves as author and signatory of Evangelicals and Catholics Together's statement on Marriage.
  • More than a dozen pastoral and professional presentations.
  • 6 faculty and administrator publications.

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