Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Joint M.Div./M.A. Option 

In the course of complying with the Academic Program for Priesthood Candidates, a student meets all requirements for the M.Div. degree. Because there are “surplus” credits in the Academic Program for Priesthood Candidates beyond what is applied toward the M.Div., a student may apply these additional credits toward the M.A. in Theology, either in the research or general format. Credits cannot serve “double-duty.” That is, once credits have been applied toward one degree, they cannot be used toward the other. Assuming that a student has met all the requirements of the Academic Program for Priesthood Candidates, including successful completion of the four required electives, he needs the following additional credits in his concentration area to meet credit requirements of the M.A.: systematics – 6; moral theology – 6; Church history – 15; biblical studies – 15 (plus the Greek and/or Hebrew requirements). 

Remaining Requirements 

(I) For students choosing the research format: language reading requirements, comprehensive examinations and thesis; (II) for students choosing the general format: the M.A. Seminar also must be completed successfully. In the four years of preparation for the priesthood, it is possible to complete all coursework requirements (in either degree format) and, where applicable, language requirements. Students choosing the research option often complete comprehensives and thesis after ordination. The M.A. is conferred one semester after the M.Div. For more information on the joint degree option, contact the Office of the Associate Dean at (973) 761-9633.

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