Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Imagine an academic program that enables someone to enter life as one of the richest people on the planet. That is precisely what the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition does, and this is what the Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Theology Program seeks to instill in each of its students. The solid theological education offered by Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology gives deeper meaning and lends new beauty to the whole range of careers and choices that lie ahead of a college student.  

There never has been a more exciting and challenging time to embrace the Church’s profound theological tradition. It is a time to “throw the doors wide open to Christ” as Pope John Paul II so famously proclaimed at the start of his pontificate. The B.A. in Catholic Theology allows students to do just that: to throw themselves open to all that Christ has given to the Church through the last 2,000 years, so that they may, in turn, live in the 21st century with true confidence, conviction and love.  

Because Catholicism is a living tradition, the program is not confined to exclusively academic activity, but rather provides students with concrete opportunities to grow into a deeper understanding and experience of the Catholic faith.

A Unique Approach
The Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Theology is the program to learn what the Catholic Church believes and proclaims straight from the Church itself. It is a program rooted in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. Our professors possess the mandatum to teach from the Archbishop of Newark.

Faculty reflect the wide breadth of the Catholic intellectual world, having benefited from educational formation from across the United States, as well as Madrid, Jerusalem, Rome, Cracow and Oxford. In addition, our professors are uniquely able to help students make the connections between their theological studies and diverse other fields, by virtue of their backgrounds in law, science, medicine, business, international relations and other professions.      

Courses are offered on Seton Hall University's campus in South Orange, New Jersey.

Who Should Apply?

Any high school graduate interested in specific aspects of Catholic theology -- sacred scripture, morals, spirituality, systematic theology, the relationship between faith and reason – will find the B.A. program to address those interests.   

College seminarians (diocesan and religious order) are required to enroll in this program under Program Option I (see Curriculum for more information.)
In addition, the program is open to anyone interested in Catholic theology, whether as a second major, a minor program or simply through individual courses.

The Program
The program offers students the opportunity to engage the extraordinary accomplishments of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Central to this tradition is the conviction that faith and reason are mutually enriching forces and dependent on each other. Equally central to this tradition is the belief that all that is true comes from God, and that there is no dimension of human life that does not benefit from the Gospel and the Church’s reflection on the good news.

Thus, the degree program seeks to provide for the particular academic needs of two groups of students:

  1. Religious order and college seminarians who desire to satisfy all undergraduate education requirements to enter priesthood formation at the major seminary level following graduation, and
  2. All those who desire to bring the wisdom of the Catholic tradition to any career path through more focused study of sacred scripture, moral theology, spiritual theology, systematic theology, or the relationship between philosophy and theology.

Students may also pursue the degree as a second major alongside any other degree program in the University.

There is a minor program available, which is especially attractive to students whose primary major may be particularly credit intensive.

Students whose degree programs allow for only a few courses in theology are welcome and encouraged to consult with our faculty for advice on how to pursue their interests in the most beneficial manner.  

Career Advancement 
Catholicism’s compelling spiritual and moral perspectives and guidelines have laid the foundations for much of world civilization, and our program ably equips anyone to engage the world of the third millennium with the Catholic faith in a vibrant and mature manner, whether through educational and service professions or in the diverse fields of the arts, sciences, law, business, international relations and any other career. Furthermore, students who complete this program leave fully prepared to continue in graduate-level theological studies.    

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