Academic Scholarship

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

New York: Worth Publishers, 2008

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Susan A. Nolan, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Thomas Heinzen

What do Florence Nightingale, a failed Antarctic expedition, the Guinness Ale Company and the Challenger space shuttle disaster have in common? Discover the answer in this new statistics textbook for the behavioral sciences. 

In Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Susan Nolan and Thomas Heinzen convincingly convey the social power and the personal benefits of statistical reasoning while faithfully teaching its underlying mathematical principles. Chapter-specific narratives let students encode and retain their learning through vivid associative memory hooks that all carry the same message: Statistics has a success story to tell. Embedding that story within each chapter makes learning statistics easier by making it more meaningful. 

The resulting text conforms to the traditional structure and elements of a statistics textbook, but it shifts the paradigm for teaching behavioral statistics from apology (for being so difficult) to opportunity (to create a meaningful career). You, and your students, will rave about a statistics textbook! Welcome to Nolan and Heinzen's Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences!


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