Academic Scholarship

The influence of parental styles on children's consumption

Journal of Consumer Marketing Volume 30 issue 4, pp. 320 - 327, January 2013

Photo Needed Joseph Wisenblit, Ph.D.
Department of Marketing
Stephen F Pirog, III Ph.D.
Department of Marketing
Randi Priluck

This study aims to examine parental styles (based on levels of nurturing and authoritarianism) to determine mothers' awareness of children's media exposure, likelihood of setting media and consumption limits and communications with children about commercial messages. A survey of mothers of children ages four-eight collected demographic, behavioral and consumption information regarding the mother's youngest child. Results suggest that nurturing mothers are more aware of advertising aimed at children and talk more to children regarding advertising and consumption than authoritarian mothers. Mothers who are nurturing and not authoritarian are more likely to yield to requests and favor more regulation than other parents. Managerial and social implications are discussed.

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