Academic Scholarship

Digital games for English classrooms

Teaching English with Technology (TeWT): A Journal for Teachers of English. 10(1), 35-50., February 2010

Photo Needed Roberta Devlin-Scherer, Ed.D.
Department of Educational Studies
Nancy Sardone

Overheard during our students' discussions about digital learning games, these comments brought smiles to our faces. A beginning methods class was reconstructed to include several sessions devoted to teaching preservice teachers 'how, why, and when' to use digital games in upper middle and high school classrooms and co-taught by a technology and teacher education faculty. Preservice teachers majoring in English education were given digital learning games to play, share with small group of middle or high school students, and then explain the purpose,suggest potential uses, and teach chosen games to younger students and peers.This article describes the games played and highlights reactions of preservice teachers and their students. In addition, suggested ways inservice teachers can use games in the current curriculum are included.


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