Academic Scholarship

Local CrystalStructure Modifications in Pulsed Laser Deposited Colossal MagnetoresistiveOxide Thin Films

Material Research Society Proceedings, 1118, K05-08, February 2009

Photo Needed Mehmet A. Sahiner, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Wiqar Shah, Marc Aranguren, Jeffrey Serfass & Joseph C. Woicik

The local structure around the manganese atom is probed by extended x-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS) measurements in pulsed laser deposited thin films of La11xCaxMnO3 (x=0.1210.53). The thin films were deposited on various single crystal oxide substrates. The effect of the lattice parameter of the substrate on the local structural modifications around Mn atom is investigated.


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