Academic Scholarship

Characterization of Junction Activation and Deactivation Using non-Equilibrium Annealing: Solid Phase Epitaxy, Spike Annealing, Laser Annealing

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B; IEEE Proceedings on The 9th International Workshop on Junction Technology, 64-68, June 2009

Photo Needed Stephen P. Kelty, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mehmet A Sahiner, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
M. Bersani, M. G. Pepponi, D. Giubertoni, S. Gennaro, M. Kah, K. J. Kirkby, R Doherty, M. A. Foad, F. Meirer, C. Streli, J. C. Woicik & P. Pianetta

In this work, studies carried out with several techniques on As junctions activated by solid phase epitaxial regrowth (SPER), rapid thermal process (RTP) spike annealing and laser sub-melt annealing (LA) are summarized.


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