Academic Scholarship

GM1 dynamics as a marker for membrane changes associated with the process of capacitation in murine and bovine spermatozoa

Journal of Andrology, 28(4), 588- 599, March 2007

Photo Needed Angela V. Klaus, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
V. Selvaraj, D. Buttke, A. Asano, J. McElwee, C. F. Wolff, J. Nelson, G. Hunnicutt & A. Travis

We previously showed that in live murine and bovine sperm heads, the ganglioside GM1 localizes to the sterol-rich plasma membrane overlying the acrosome (APM). Labeling GM1 using the pentameric cholera toxin subunit B (CTB) induced a dramatic redistribution of signal from the APM to the sterol-poor post-acrosomal plasma membrane (PAPM) upon sperm death. We now show a similar phenomenon in the flagellum where CTB induces GM1 redistribution to sterol-poor membrane sub-domains of the annulus and flagellar zipper.


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