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Edgar Valdez

Edgar J. Valdez, Ph.D.

PostDoctoral Teaching Fellow

Core Curriculum


Department of the Core, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies.

My research focuses on the work of the philosopher Immanuel Kant. I am particularly concerned with revisiting his critical philosophy and understanding what implications Kant's claims have for other human investigations like Ethics and the natural sciences. My dissertation, for example, revisiting Kant's claims about the role of space in human knowing and its relationship to pure mathematics. I in turn evaluate this claim in light of advances in nonEuclidean geometries.

My teaching focuses on introductory courses and interdisciplinary approaches to bringing students to "big questions," questions that are fundamental to the lived human experience. Kant, for instance, suggests that all worthwhile questions relate to four central questions: 1) What can I know? 2) What must I do? 3) What can I hope for? 4) What is a human being?


  • Ph.D., Binghamton University
  • M.A., Boston College
  • B.A., Boston College

Office Phone
(973) 313-6262


Office Location
Arts & Sciences Hall


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