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Peter M. Reader, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Communication

College of Communication and the Arts


Professor Reader designs theatre sets to create the world of the playwright for the audience to share.

Color fascinates me. The stage and theatre is always colorful. Colors are reflected in the lighting, the costumes, the scenery, and the performances. It is never dull. I have been involved in theatre since childhood and find the experience transcendental. The stage takes you to a world of imagination that springs forth from a playwright's thoughts. My job as a designer is to make the world for the audience to share.


  • M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.A., University of Wisonsin - Madison

Academic Distinctions

  • ROSCO Technote: A Choice of Color

Office Phone
(973) 275-2790


Office Location
Room 48
Fahy Hall


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