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Ph.D, Education Research, Assessment & Program Evaluation
Doctor in Philosophy, (Ph.D.) Concentration

Education Research, Assessment & Program Evaluation

The Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy offers a concentration in Education Research, Assessment, and Program Evaluation. This concentration is intended to meet the burgeoning demands for professional staff and leaders in educational organizations focused on data-driven decision making, program evaluation, assessment and testing, and teacher or faculty pedagogical development.

General Approach

Courses generally meet once a week in the evening. Study is available on a full- or part-time basis for either focus.

The small size of the Ph.D. program at Seton Hall University allows for frequent faculty interaction and close work with your adviser. We are committed to maintaining a small, selective and focused program that will prepare our graduates to pursue a range of possible careers.

The Program

Educational access, equity, and effectiveness are emerging as the critical drivers of economic development. Policymakers in the U.S. and across the globe are focusing their sights on costs and student learning outcomes. Education policies require that school leaders monitor student academic performance and undertake interventions to improve it.

The program focuses on developing organizational capacity to generate and use data in the instructional, policy and decision making processes so that education leaders can meet the growing challenges of fostering education equity and quality.

Program Competencies

The concentration in Education Research, Assessment, and Program Evaluation within the Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy will produce graduates who can conduct research and provide leadership nationally and internationally in the area of research. It seeks to produce a range of competencies, including the ability to:

  • Implement an academic or applied research program from start to completion.
  • Assess the effectiveness of educational policies, practices, and programs.
  • Integrate research findings into practical initiatives designed to improve the performance of students and organizations.

Doctoral Program, Higher Ed Leadership

Seton Hall University's highly regarded doctoral program in Higher Education Leadership helps professionals advance their careers leading colleges and universities.


The faculty in the College of Education and Human Services are expert researchers and practitioners in teacher and leader preparation as well as professional psychology and family therapy. Many are actively engaged with schools and community agencies, modeling best practices to their students in the university classroom and in the field. Collaboration within departments and across is encouraged with the recognition that supporting and improving the lives of children, families and communities is a complex process.

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Rong Chen
Rong Chen
Associate Professor
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Robert Kelchen
Associate Professor of Higher Education and Chair
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Hillary Morgan
Hillary Morgan
Clinical Faculty and Higher Education Program Director
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Katie Smith
Assistant Professor
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The College of Education and Human Services is dedicated to ensuring that its professional preparation programs are based on essential knowledge, evolving technology, research findings, and reflective practice. Each program is committed to developing collaborative relationships and cooperative efforts with schools, agencies, and institutions so that its efforts remain linked to the world of practice and research, and meet the needs of communities. The College is nationally accredited by three professional associations: APA, COAMFTE, and CAEP.

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