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Masters of Science (M.S.)


The Master of Science in Physics program is designed for young researchers with a basic knowledge of advanced physics and interests in laser and x-ray spectroscopy, condensed matter physics, advanced materials synthesis and characterization, photovoltaics, plasma physics, biophysics, and surface physics. The Department of Physics has a rich history of excellence, with the late Father Stanley Jaki, Distinguished Professor of Physics, recently named alongside Copernicus and Father Gregor Mendel as one of five Catholic scientists that shaped our understanding of the world.

The Department offers a number of exciting research projects that graduate students can become involved with, in the areas of solid-state physics, plasma processing, and biophysical materials. Students will have individualized attention from our energetic, experienced and research-oriented faculty. Upon graduation, they will be desirable candidates for industrial or research labs (government or industry) and be better prepared for Ph.D. programs in physics and allied fields.


The M.S. in Physics program offers two degree tracks with personalized advisement and mentorship from Departmental faculty tailored accordingly to the student's professional goals. The M.S. in Physics through coursework track is designed for those seeking career advancement or enhanced opportunities in the high-technology sector and additionally in secondary or post-secondary science, technology, engineering or mathematics education. The M.S. in Physics with Thesis track is ideal for individuals seeking basic science and applied research experience appropriate for professional careers in research and development (R&D) or seeking to be fully prepared for advancement into doctoral (Ph.D. or Ed.D.) graduate programs in physics, engineering, mathematics or allied technical or educational fields.

Faculty Listing

Our faculty conduct internationally recognized research and innovative, technologically enhanced instruction. Grounded in practical experience but exploring the frontiers of their disciplines, they define the nature of academic excellence. Current faculty research programs include the areas of plasma physics, semiconductor thin-films, theoretical modelling of cell division, biophysics, pulsed laser synthesis of electronic materials, and next generation heterojunction solar cells.

Mehmet Sahiner
Professor and Chair
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Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez
Assistant Professor
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Headshot of Weining Wang.
Weining Wang
Associate Professor of Physics
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The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing graduate programs to educate the professionals, scientists, educators and leaders of the future. Our goal is to impart the skills and knowledge that graduate students need to develop and follow successful career paths and to prepare them to contribute meaningfully to society through service and/or the advancement of knowledge. We believe that an education grounded in the principles of liberal arts and dedicated to societal advancement through research and interdisciplinary studies is the best instrument for producing well-rounded citizens with intentions that are both personally fulfilling and noble.

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