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Online Master of Science (M.S.)

Data Science

Quickly emerging as a critical field in a variety of industries, data science encompasses activities ranging from collecting raw data and processing and extracting knowledge from that data, to effectively communicating those findings to assist in decision making and implementing solutions. Students in the online Data Science program, with its strong focus on computer science, statistics and applied mathematics, will graduate with the knowledge and competencies required to become data science and analytics professionals. They'll also gain skills in cloud computing technology and in Tableau, allowing them to pursue certification in both Amazon Web Services and Tableau. Their education will be further bolstered by real world projects and internships, made possible through the program's active relationships with such leading companies as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Celgene, Comcast and Chase.

Join us for a virtual M.S. Data Science information session on one of the following dates:

  • Wednesday, April 14, 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, May 5, 6 p.m.

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By The Numbers

  • 252% Growth of national demand for data science experts
  • 30 Credit program
  • 16 Months to degree completion
  • $108 (In thousands) Median salary for data scientists
By the Numbers

Online Master of Science in Data Science

Students in the online Data Science program, with its strong focus on computer science, statistics and applied mathematics, gain skills in cloud computing technology and in Tableau.


Required Courses (12 Total Credits)
DASC 6911 Big Data Analytics (3 credits)
DAVA 6010 Data Mining (3 credits)
DAVA 7000 Data Visualization (3 credits)
MATH 6811 Statistics for Data Science (3 credits)

Choose Four Electives from the following list (12 Total Credits):
DASC 8211 Machine Learning (3 credits)
DASC 8222 Data Engineering (3 credits)
DAVA 8011 Internship in Visual Analytics (3 credits)
*DASC 8801-2 Special Topics in Data Science (1-2 credits)
*DASC 8811-2 Special Topics in Data Science (1-2 credits)
(*Note: DASC 8801-2 and DASC 8811-2 represent one and two credit special topics courses that may be scheduled in three-credit course sequences.)
DASC 8803 Special Topics in Data Science (3 credits)
DASC 8813 Special Topics in Data Science (3 credits)
MATH 6611 Operations Research (3 credits)
DAVA 7111 Text Mining (3 credits)
MATH 7211 Network Analysis (3 credits)
MATH 8311 Simulation (3 credits)
PSMA 7800 Ethical Challenges of Big Data (3 credits)
PSYC 7214 Cognition for Visualization (3 credits)

Choose a Specialization: Capstone or M.S. Thesis Tracks (6 Total Credits)

5th Elective: Choose an additional elective from the list of electives
DASC 9311 Data Science Project (3 credits)


M.S. Thesis:
DASC 9412 Thesis Research I (3 credits)
DASC 9413 Thesis Research II (3 credits)

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Puya Ghazizadeh
Assistant Professor
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Nathan Kahl
Associate Professor, Mathematics Graduate School Adviser
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