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Market Research

Market Research

The undergraduate certificate in market research is made up of a total of 12 credits (four, 3 credit courses). The certificate prepares students for careers in marketing or market research that focus on the collection, analysis and implementation of market research insights and data to make better business decisions. The different roles of qualitative and quantitative research are explored through a mix of projects incorporating the Market Research Center at the Stillman School of Business.


Students will be required to take each of the following 2 courses:

Course ID
Course Name
BMKT 2601
Principles of Marketing
Fall & Spring
BMKT 3611
Marketing Research Fall & Spring

Students must complete 2 of the following courses:

Course ID
Course Name
BMKT 4612 Qualitative Market Research
BMKT 4634 Marketing Metrics
BMKT 4699 Directed Research/ Marketing With Approval
BITM 4740 Project Management Fall
BMGT 4560 BMKT4633
Product Management Fall
BMKT 3744
BITM 3744
Business IntelligenceSpring
BMKT 4633
Product Management & Development

How to Apply?

When enrolled in the final course to complete the Market Research Certificate requirements, please click below and complete the application form.

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Want to Know More?

Adam Warner
Director, Market Research Ctr.
Stephen Pirog
Chair, Department of Marketing
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