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Seminary's Theological Education for Parish Services (STEPS)

Looking for a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith? Consider taking the next STEP.

The Seminary's Theological Education for Parish Services (STEPS) program is a graduate-level certificate program for adult Catholics who desire a deeper understanding of their faith. Offering classes off-site at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church in Ridgewood, N.J., STEPS expands the opportunity for lay graduate education beyond the Seminary building to a local parish hall.

STEPS offers an integrated program of theological coursework, praxis, and spiritual formation to ensure a more professional preparation of its students for Church ministry. Though their ages and backgrounds vary greatly, STEPS students are united by a passion for our faith and a thirst to learn more about it.

You'll finish this program with a new enthusiasm for and understanding of Catholicism -and you'll be ready to live and share the Catholic faith in your home, parish and work communities.

Upon completion of the program, STEPS students have the option to apply their credits toward an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry or an M.A. in Theology.


  • 17 2014-15 Enrollment
  • 70% Students Who Pursue an M.A.
  • 14:11 Ratio of Priest to Lay Faculty
  • 37-72 Age Range of Students
Theology Certificate Steps

Divinely Inspired

Jim Barton yearned to grow closer to God in a time of grief. Through the STEPS program, he forged a deeper relationship with the Lord and gained a richer understanding of his faith.

Jonathan Camiolo

"Despite the fact that I have worked in ministry for more than 15 years, the more I learned and studied, the more I became aware of how much more I needed to learn. Now I am continuing toward my master's in systematic theology. Thank you, STEPS!" 

Jonathan Camiolo


Our 24-credit graduate certificate STEPS program offers two courses each semester that explore topics within Scripture, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics and Church History.

Choose from courses including:

  • Spirituality of the Old Testament
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • History of Christianity
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Major Themes in Christian Ethics
  • Introduction to Pauline and Johannine Literature
  • Theology of Vatican II
  • Revelation and Faith

In addition to coursework, students participate in conferences, retreats, theological reflection and days of renewal set to enrich their spiritual formation and better prepare them for pastoral service. 

Faculty Listing

The following is a selection of faculty of the Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology (ICSST). Click to read more about all of our ICSST faculty »

Fr. Stephen Fichter
Rev. Stephen  Fichter
Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology
View Profile
Raymond Kupke
Rev. Msgr. Raymond Kupke
Adjunct Professor of Church History
View Profile
Msgr. Anthony Ziccardi
Rev. Msgr. C. Anthony Ziccardi
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies
View Profile
Jeffrey Morrow
Jeffrey Morrow
Associate Professor of Undergraduate Theology
View Profile

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