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The Caribbean Summit

Seton Hall University is proud to host its 2nd annual Caribbean Summit, Friday, November 2. The day will be dedicated to exploring leadership, tourism, education, the arts and investment opportunities in the Caribbean region. We will also address how organizations can fulfill contractual obligations and maintain business operations in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Stretched across a million square miles of land and sea, we recognize that the Caribbean is a diverse community of countries, cultures and people bound together by shared history and common challenges.  Blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, but beset by susceptibility to nature's elements, external economic shocks and the comparative size of its individual states, it is understood that the Caribbean has struggled to attract the constant attention of the international community.  


*Full agenda program coming soon. 

Our full-day event will include continental breakfast, plenary sessions and a Caribbean-inspired lunch with a special keynote speaker. Following panel presentations in the afternoon, participants will enjoy networking at our closing reception which will end at 5:30 p.m.

Please check back for 2018 registration, program agenda and further details about the conference, all coming soon.

Take Aways

Participants will have an opportunity to share experiences, network and gain insights on a variety of business opportunities in the Caribbean region.

Intended Audience

International Influencers based in the United States and Caribbean.


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