Seton Hall University
A student speaking with a tutor.

Types of Tutoring

ARC Tutors are committed to helping individuals achieve their best and find academic success. Each tutor is unique and has a different tutoring style, but they all strive to help each student that comes to the ARC for academic assistance achieve their goals. Peer Tutors, TIR's, and SI leaders also put on a series of academic programs and workshops throughout the semester to provide another means of aiding student's academic achievement and personal well-being. 

Peer Tutor Coordinator: 

Peer tutor Coordinators are undergraduate students who are not only peer tutors, but also provide guidance and support to ARC tutors and staff. They play an important role in assisting with SHU Tutopia, ARC workshops, and the coordination of SHU Tutor Training. Peer Tutor Coordinators are an important bridge between the ARC staff and the Director.

Peer Tutor: 

Peer tutors are undergraduate students who tutor in a variety of courses that they have successfully completed. They are able to assist students by offering tips, strategies, and aid in helping their peers to understand the material, practice, and comprehend the course content. Peer tutoring is offered throughout the academic school year during the regularly scheduled hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.   

ARC Online:

ARC Online is an online format where tutors & students can connect and conduct a virtual tutoring session. This service is designed to allow students to have access to all ARC resources regardless of their physical location. ARC Online utilizes Skype for Business (a free service on the SHU provided laptop); to provide a platform for communication and offers diverse tools and features that students can use to develop their academic understanding from the comfort of their own home. This form of tutoring is available during the semester after regular tutoring hours, over breaks, and summer vacation.  

Tutors in Residence (TIR): 

TIR’s are undergraduate student tutors that live in the Aquinas, Boland, and Xavier residence halls with the purpose of helping students achieve academically. Each week TIR's conduct set lobby hours and are available to help both resident and commuter students currently enrolled at SHU. TIR's are available after the regularly scheduled hours in the designated residence hall tutoring area. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI): 

SI leaders conduct a type of tutoring that focuses on collaboration, group study, and interaction amongst peers to help students engage with challenging courses. SI leaders provide students with course-specific learning, study strategies, note taking, and test taking skills. SI typically occurs in the evening hours. 

Faculty Tutors: 

Some faculty members offer tutoring services at the ARC. Faculty tutors provide students a means of getting help or clarification of the course content from the professor themselves. Faculty tutors vary depending on the faculty member’s scheduled office hours and availability. 

Graduate Students:

Some courses at SHU have graduate assistants who aid the professor and the students throughout the academic year. Some graduate students offer scheduled office hours at the ARC where they make themselves available to help tutor students from the classes that they help to conduct.