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Seton Hall University
Summer on the Seton Hall campus.

Summer Component

The project's summer component will operate as a Competency-Based Initiative 2. Competency-based initiatives seek to insure that students attain specific skills, knowledge and abilities considered important with respect to whatever they are studying, or transitions for which they are preparing.

The project design will focus on a six-week non-residential summer program. Participants will be divided into four teams by grade level. Instructors for each team will operate as an integrated learning unit, with teams assigned to a daily two-hour block schedule format. The program will infuse in its curriculum both basic and higher mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus), general science and the laboratory sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). The afternoon segment of the summer program will be composed of individual and group counseling sessions, and elective courses in the career and performing arts fields. Single content and integrated instruction modes will be utilized.

Special Summer Initiatives

  • ROTC (Rapid Orientation Towards College) for Rising 9th Graders

The anticipation of high school curriculum posses transitional challenges for rising 9th grade students. Students not properly prepared psychologically find the transition stressful. The ROTC initiative is a mandatory component for all rising 9th grade students in the Upward Bound Project. The ROTC initiative is a weekend experience taught by a military professional designed to assist students transition from elementary school to high school, and expose them to the discipline needs to matriculate at a high school level. This activity is conducted at the Pocono Environmental Educational Center in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania.

  • Ecology Science Weekend for Rising 10th Graders

Rising 10th grade students will participate in our Ecology Science Weekend. This activity provides students with an opportunity to highlight their summer studies in mathematics, general science, biology, chemistry and physics at the Pocono Environmental Education Center,Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania.

  • Senior Internship Seminar

Seniors will be involved in the Senior Internship Seminar, a ten (10) day internship with a company or agency that reflects their career interest. The purpose of this seminar is to have participants become more knowledgeable of career options, thus enabling them to make informed career selections at the onset of college.

  • Volunteer Projects: Community Food Bank (Hillside, New Jersey)

Community/Cooperative Service Project. Students learn several aspects:

  • Group/role responsibility effort in achieving a common goal  (teamwork).
  • Exposure to the responsibility of caring for the less fortunate in society.
  • A study in humility.
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