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Seton Hall University

Academic Year Component

The academic year component schedule provides 173 contact hours (72 in academic skill attainment, 72 in tutoring, 24 in counseling and 5 in cultural enrichment) and offers basic skills, intermediate and advanced academic instruction, counseling and tutoring on 24 Saturday sessions. The academic year component will focus on counseling, orientation to career opportunities, instruction, tutoring and cultural activities inclusive of university sponsored lectures, campus tours and field trips.

Academic advisement activities are continued by the advocacy staff during the academic year component. In addition to all of the advocacy activities highlighted above, advocates analyze the academic grade reports that are prepared by the target school for each participant. Advocates look for: 

  1. areas of subject accomplishment and strengths;
  2. consistency of persistence and promptness for class;
  3. school attendance; and
  4. areas in need of improvement.

In general, advocates will keep abreast of each student's progress during the entire school year.

Academic instruction and tutoring will be provided to participants during the 24 Saturday sessions. Individual learning programs will be developed using assessment records provided by the target high school. In addition, results of HSPA tests will be utilized by the project staff.

Special Academic Year Initiatives

Senior College Tour

Seniors will participate in a three-day, 2 night college tour of traditional and historically Black institutions between New Jersey and Virginia. During the tour, students will be exposed first hand to the various admissions and financial requirements, as well as social expectations. Students having personal contact with admissions and financial aid personnel have proven vital to college acceptance. The institutions will reflect the seniors' career interests.

Junior College Tour - Project CLUE (College Life Uniquely Experienced)

Eleventh grade participants will be involved in a three day, two night college experience at the University of Maryland at Eastern Shore. It is the goal of Project CLUE to have high school juniors mirror a college student (upper classman) for three days. The junior will attend classes, research at the library, have meals, and spend a typical three days of a college student's life, and experience the demands of collegiate life.

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