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The Learning Studio is Now Open!  

Department of Technology, Learning Studio The Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce the opening of the new Learning Studio. The Learning Studio is located in the previous ITV room on the ground floor of Walsh Library. The studio was designed to model the learning studios that will reside on the Inter-professional Health Sciences campus, which is scheduled to open in 2018. The new campus will house the School of Health and Medical Sciences, College of Nursing and School of Medicine programs. The Learning Studio fosters creativity and collaboration and allows faculty and student members of these schools the ability to familiarize themselves with the studio technology before moving to the new campus.

The Learning Studio supports a project-based, collaborative approach to learning. There are six designated clusters, each consisting of a table with seating for five, an oversized monitor, and microphone. There are also four standard outlets and four USB ports built into the facade of the table for easy charging. Students can interact with the monitors using wireless display. The main screen allows the instructor to share information with the class. The screen sharing feature encourages projects and work to be shared between monitors so multiple groups can work together on a collective project or problem. This approach increases student engagement and encourages deeper thinking.

The faculty is provided a mobile lectern and lapel microphone allowing them to easily move around the space, and a whiteboard to display written material. Echo360, the University's lecture capture system, can be scheduled in advance to record audio as well as any information projected to the main screen. This feature provides faculty with the ease of just turning the system on and beginning their lesson.

Once complete, the IHS campus will house eleven studios similar to the Learning Studio, with the exception that it will have 8 clusters, each with the ability to seat eight students. Multiple studios can be combined to allow for larger classes.

Training is currently being planned for faculty the of SHMS, the College of Nursing and the School of Medicine. Once comfortable with the technology, faculty may begin to utilize the space to orient their students. The Learning Studio will also be open to other schools and colleges at the University later in the Spring semester. If you are interested in learning more about the Learning Studio, please contact your assigned Instructional Designer. If interested in touring the space, please contact Eva Rosmaninho, Director of Classroom & Event Support.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Diana Moran
  • (973) 761-7566
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