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Top 5 Blackboard Tricks

1. Copying course content from prior semesters:

  • First, go to the old course that contains all of the materials you want to copy.
  • Click Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel area.
  • Click Course Copy.
  • Complete the fields, and then click Submit.
  • You should see a green bar at the top of the page indicating that the course copy request was successful and has been queued. You should receive an e-mail when the course copy process is complete.

2. Downloading files from Blackboard using Internet Explorer:

  • To download files (i.e., Word or PowerPoint) from a Blackboard course using Internet Explorer, follow the instructions below:
  • Within Internet Explorer, click Tools on the main menu bar, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab and then click Custom Level.
  • Scroll to the Downloads section of the list. Under Automatic Prompting for File Downloads, click Enable.

3. Assignment Tool - Attach File button:

Students need to be told that they have to click the Attach File button when they upload a document using the Assignment Tool. Once they have selected the file that they would like to upload, they must also click the "Attach File" button below the name of their file in order to attach the file and submit it to the instructor.

4. Displaying a list of users enrolled in a course or organization, there are two ways to do this:

Printable List:
Within the Course of Organization Management area, click the heading "Course Tools:"

  • Click "SHU: Download Class Roster".
  • Choose Table Format for a printable list.
  • Click the "Generate Selected List" button.

Viewable List:
Within the Course or Organization Management area, click the heading "Users and Groups:"

  • Click "Users"
  • Type the percent symbol (%) in the Search box.
  • Click Go.

5. Grade Center scroll bar doesn't display with Firefox or IE.

The problem is related to the scroll bar setting in Windows XP or the zoom level in Firefox. This can be fixed by changing the Windows XP scroll bar size back to 20 or smaller or by increasing the zoom level in Firefox by using the View, Zoom, Zoom In feature in the browser.

Here is how to change the scroll bar setting in Windows XP:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel, Display Properties
  2. Click the Appearance tab
  3. Click the Advanced button
  4. Select "Scrollbar" from the Item: drop-down list and change the size to < 20 (the default is 17

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