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Known Issues Affecting Blackboard

Following are problems that users have encountered while using Blackboard. This list is not exhaustive, and we continue to add to the list as we receive and verify problems. If you encounter a problem that is not listed below, please report it by sending an email to

Assignment Content Item - Can't Link to Files in Content Collection

When adding an Assignment content item (under the Create Assessment menu), there is not a button to "Browse Content Collection" to attach a file from the Content Collection. (Blackboard has recognized this as a known issue - no target date for resolution has been set.)


  • Option 1. Go to the Content Collection and right-click on the file link.  Select "save link as" or "save target as." Go back to the Assignment content item and add the document link as an Internet link.
  • Option 2. Download the file to your computer. Attach the file with the "Browse My Computer" button.

Assignment Error - Instructor gets an Error when Opening Student File through the Grade Center

Instructors will get errors when opening student assignment that contain a special character such as the # sound in the file name.

Workaround: Allow the student to resubmit. Provide students with directions about how to name files using alphanumeric characters.

Content Area - Can't Reorder Items

Items in a content area will not drag and drop into new locations. This is a java/browser issue.

Workaround: Try updating the java on your computer at or use the reorder button in the top right corner of the content area.

Links to Blogs, Discussion Boards, Journals, and Wikis Are Not Working as Intended.

The link will work when initially created, but will not work when edited.

Workaround: Delete the bad link and make a new link. When you delete a link to a blog, journal, discussion forum, or wiki from inside of a content area you are only deleting the link. You will not delete the blog, journal, discussion forum or wiki unless you are in the tool area.

Import - Course Content will Export, but will not Import

There have been some issues with importing content. This is occurring with courses that have large export files.

Workaround: Use Course copy instead of Exporting and Importing.

SafeAssign - Error When Clicking on the Score in the Gradebook

Sometimes there have been issues where you receive an error when clicking on the score in the Gradebook.

Workaround: Direct students to the area where the SafeAssign was submitted. They should click on the View/Complete link to access instructor comments and plagiarism results.

Test Access - Students Report Logouts

When an instructor displays test questions one at a time rather than all at once there is a potential for students to get logged out. This occurs when a student double clicks while taking a test. The student must wait for each question to fully load before moving forward in the exam.

Workaround: Set the question display to all at once rather than one question at a time.

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