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Scholarship Assistance

“I know the power of teachers.  It is my deepest wish that teachers in our public and parochial schools, with scholarship assistance, will be able to enroll in Jewish-Christian studies at Seton Hall University to stem the tide of ignorance in our schools and in society.”
Sister Rose Thering

The specific purpose of the Sister Rose Thering Fund for Jewish-Christian Studies is to promote and facilitate enrollment of educators in the graduate courses of the Department of Jewish-Christian Studies.  Its purpose is also to assist in the development of the academic resources for the Department of Jewish-Christian Studies.
The Fund provides tuition assistance for educators.  Download the application for tuition scholarship award form to seek a tuition grant.  
The Fund provides fully funded scholarships to about 20 students per semester.  Since its inception, about 350 teachers took advantage of the scholarships and more than 35 pursued the graduate degree program in Jewish-Christian Studies.  Those teachers will have touched 150,000 students over the span of their career, carrying on Sister Rose's message of cooperation and promoting understanding between Christians and Jews.
For students seeking admission into the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Jewish-Christian Studies program, please use the graduate program application form or apply online.
Those who wish to take graduate courses without or prior to enrolling in the master's degree program, please submit the application for non-matriculation status prior to registering for a course along with an official transcript showing the completion of a bachelor's degree. Non-matriculating students who complete a four-course sequence will be awarded a Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies.  Credits completed for the certificate can then be applied to the M.A. in Jewish-Christian Studies.

Contact the SRTF office for further information:
(973) 761-9006 or e-mail

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