Petersheim 2011 - Global Health Symposium
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A symposium on global health and health issues in the Philippines: Philip Paragas, RN, Stephanie Rigor, Rachel Sabatura, B and D Scholars, Aleena Paragas Samantha Quevedo , Rebecca Rondinella, Undergraduate Students, Mary Ann Scharf, Ed.D, RN, Maria Serrano, MSN, RN, Kathleen Sternas, Ph.D, RN, Faculty , Seton Hall University This symposium focuses on students' research on health problems in the Philippines. Through a B & D scholarship or independent study experience, students further investigated selected health problems in the Philippines and researched the problem from a global perspective. Health problems addressed in this symposium are: dengue fever, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malnutrition. Prevalence of the health problem, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment strategies were researched. Sponsored By: Petersheim Academic Exposition
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