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Seton Hall University


Major Russell Lemler MAJ Lemler

Professor of Military Science
Department Chair
Commission Source: U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Branched Field Artillery.
Civilian Education: B.S. in Economics - USMA, West Point, NY.  Ph.D. in Management – Columbia Business School, New York, NY.
Military Education: Field Artillery Officer Basic Course and Captain's Career Course, Command and General Staff College.
Deployment/Overseas Experience: Operation Enduring Freedom, 2004-05, Ghazni, Tarin Kowt, and Kandahar, 2-5 IN and 3-7 FA, 25th Infantry Division; CENTCOM Forward Jordan, 2014, Al Zarqa, 1st Armored Division HQ; AFRICOM Regionally Aligned Brigade, 2015, Harskamp, the Netherlands and Libreville, Gabon, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1AD.    
Office: (973) 313-6258

Lieutenant Colonel Trinidad Gonzalez, Jr.Major Ismael Soler Jr.

Assistant Professor of Military Science and Executive Officer
Commission Source:
Officer Candidate School, Branched Military Intelligence
Civilian Education: BA History –Thomas Edison State College, NJ
Military Education: Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course (MIOBC), Military Intelligence Captain's Career Course (MICCC)
Deployment/Overseas Experience: Operation Iraqi Freedom- 2006-2007 Aviation Task Force-Kuwait;Operation Iraqi Freedom-2008-2009 50th IBCT
Office: (973) 313-6251

Master Sergeant Aaron BeckmanMaster Sergeant Aaron Beckman

Senior Military Science Instructor, Military Science Level II Instructor
Civilian Education:
Completing Associates in General Studies Military Education: All NCO Education System levels from Basic Training to Senior Leaders Course, Combat Life Saver Course, CBRN Defense Course, Commanders Safety Course, Commander and First Sergeant pre-command course, Combatives Level I, II, and III, Drill Sergeant School, Sapper Leaders Course, Total Army Instructor Training Course, Small Group Instructors Training Course.
Deployment/Overseas Experience: (2E, 2ID) Korea Jan 97-Jan 98, (9E, 1ID) Schweinfurt, Germany Feb 98-Feb 01/Kosovo July 99-Dec 99, (2-69AR, 3ID) Kuwait June 02-Nov02, Iraq (OIF1) Jan 03-July 03, (7th Army NCO Academy, JMTC) Grafenwoehr, Germany Dec 06-Dec 10/(9E, 172D IBCT) Schweinfurt, Germany Dec 10-Jun 13/Afghanistan (OEF 11-12) July 11-Jun 12
Office: (973) 313-6250

CPT Eleanor BaldenweckCaptain Eleanor Baldenweck

Military Science Level III Instructor, Recruiting Operations Officer
Commission Source:
Seattle University ROTC, Branched Military Intelligence, detailed Chemical Corps.
Civilian Education: BA in French Language with minors in German Language and English Literature –Seattle University
Military Education:  Chemical Basic Officer's Leadership Course (CBOLC), Biological Integrated Defense System (BIDS), Level II Anti-Terrorism Officer Course, Military Intelligence Captain's Career Course (MICCC)
Deployment/Overseas Experience: 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Germany 2008-2011, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010 (Iraq and Kuwait), Operation Enduring Freedom 2014 (Afghanistan).
Office: (973) 761-6269

Sergeant First Class Julius MooreSergeant First Class Julius Moore

Military Science Level I Instructor
Civilian Education: Central Texas College, Associate in Art for General Studies.
Military Education: Warriors Leader Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course, Senior Leaders Course, Pre-Ranger, Unit Armorer Course, Stryker Leaders Course, Combatives Level I, Total Army Instructor Course, Drill Sergeant School, Master Resilience Trainer Course, Equal Opportunity Leaders Course, Combat Life Saver Course, Occupational Hearing Conservationist, and Unit Prevention Leader Course. Foundation Instructor/Facilitator Course
Deployment/Overseas Experience: Task Force Falcon, Camp Montieth, Kosovo 1999; Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005, Fallujah, Baghdad, Rahwa, Tall Afar, and Mosul, Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2008 Sadr City, Baghdad, Ur, Mosul, Iraq. Operation Enduring Freedom 2014, Logar Provence, FOB Shank, Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.
Office: (973) 313-6255

Major Austin WilsonMajor Austin Wilson

Assistant Professor of Military Science
4-415th SROTC BN, U.S. Army Reserves
Commission Source: United States Military Academy at West Point. Branched Engineer Corps.
Civilian Education: BS German/Spanish - USMA, MS Health Education and Kinesiology - University of Florida
Military Education: Engineer Officer Basic Course, Engineer Captain's Career Course, Modern Army Combatives Program Level II
Deployment/Overseas Experience: Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08, 3rd BDE, 1st Cavalry Division, Baquba, Iraq.
Office: 407-701-1825  

Rene O. SamayoaMr. Rene O Samayoa, Contractor

Military History Instructor, Recruiting Operations Officer
Commission Source: Seton Hall University, Branched Finance
Civilian Education: BS Business Management, Accounting CPA Track, Rutgers-Newark, NJ
Military Education: Finance Officer Basic Course (FOBC), Finance Captain's Career Course (FCCC), Unit Mobilization Officer, Information Operations, Electronic Warfare Operations and Military Information Operations Support.
Mobilization: Under Operation Enduring Freedom- 2005-2006, Mobilized to Ft. Leonard Wood as the Executive Officer of Engineer One Station Unit Training (OSUT) company.
Office: (973) 313-6255

Faculty and Staff

Ms. Katrina Chester
Enrollment Tech
Office: (973) 313-6254

Ms. Michele Jackson
Supply Tech
Office: (973) 313-6269

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