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Withdrawal Information for Undergraduate Students

Graduate students should speak with their program chair or director about withdrawal.

Undergraduate students who find it necessary to withdraw from any school/college of the University on a temporary or permanent basis should initiate the withdrawal process by completing the Request for Withdrawal form and meeting with the Dean of Students and Community Development. The Office of Community Development will forward the withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar. It is imperative that this notification be sent in writing as soon as possible after the decision to withdraw has been made.

  • When students file the Request for Withdrawal form within the official withdrawal period, they will automatically receive “WD” grades in all their courses.
  • If the request to withdraw is made after the eighth week of the semester, then the posting of “WD” grades is not automatic. In this case, the student must submit a Course Adjustment Form to each of his professors to request a “WD” grade.
  • The only exception to this deadline is for documented cases of medical/health problems that preclude the student from completing the semester.

Students who withdraw for medical reasons must submit medical documentation with their withdrawal form to the Dean of Students and Community Development.  

Students who are recipients of federal financial aid should consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawing to confirm what, if any, impact their withdrawal may have on their financial aid eligibility. 

Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal; students who seek to withdraw from their classes must complete the official withdrawal process.

Students who are activated for military service should contact the University Registrar for assistance. If the activation date occurs late in a semester, students may qualify for an Incomplete grade in some or all of their courses. In this case, students should file a Course Adjustment Form on which the faculty member will specify the work that must be completed to resolve the incomplete. In the event that the military activation date falls early in a semester, the student may be dropped from any course which he/she cannot complete. In this case, tuition charges for any dropped course will be removed from the student's account.

Effective Date

January 21, 2009

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