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Seton Hall University

Registration and Transcript Holds

In advance of their registration, students should check on-line for any holds and contact the appropriate office for information and assistance.

The following information represents contact points for registration holds

Reason Contact this Office
BA Bursar: Update of current address required
BD Bursar: Balance due
BT Bursar: Transcript hold - zero balance required
PP Bursar: Must resolve current balance and pre-pay future charges
TH Registrar: Transcript hold
EO EOP: See counselor
IM Health Services
Admissions-related Holds
AD Registrar: at non-matric credit limit
75 Pre-major student – Must declare major
Academic Holds by Dean
CA / RA / SA / DA Dr. Christopher Kaiser / College of Arts & Sciences
CB / RB / SB / DB Dr. Karen Passaro / Stillman School of Business
CE / RE / SE / DE Dr. Joseph Martinelli / College of Education and Human Services
CN / RN / SN / DN Dr. Phyllis Hansell / College of Nursing
CI / RI / SI / DI Dr. Ursula Sanjamino / Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Disciplinary Holds
SD / DD Karen Van Norman / Community Development

Students with financial holds must resolve their balances. Delaying registration until September may eliminate options for resolution of payment / financial aid difficulties. Registration may then be prohibited unless full payment is made before registration.

Effective Date

January 1, 2009

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