Seton Hall University


The grade of Incomplete indicates non-completion of assignment(s) or failure to take the examination for a course.  

  • An Incomplete grade cannot be given when a student does not complete any course requirements or fails to attend class meetings.
  • A student who receives an “I” grade may not attend class meetings in a future semester in order to make up outstanding requirements.
  • Students must obtain written permission to receive an Incomplete by submitting a Course Adjustment Form to the professor before the officially scheduled final examination.
  • The professor will indicate on this form the amount of time allowed for completion of this work, up to a maximum of 12 months or by the time the student has graduated (whichever comes first).
  •  If the missing course requirements are completed within this time period, the professor must enter the grade change in PirateNet within 10 working days.

Effective with Fall 2007 courses, if a grade of “I” is not resolved with the time allotted, this grade will be changed automatically and permanently to “FI”, a failing grade. In extenuating circumstances a written request for a limited time extension to complete course requirements may be submitted in advance of the one-year deadline by the student to the professor and dean of the school/college in which the course was offered, with a copy to the Office of the Registrar for approval. 

The grade of “I” is not counted in determining class standing, eligibility or grade point average. An unresolved “I” grade will count in the calculation of the grade point average when it changes to “FI” after the one-year period.

An “I” grade disqualifies a student from the Dean's List. If the “I” grade is changed to a grade of “C” or higher, the student's record will be automatically reviewed for Dean's List eligibility.

Although a student's GPA is not affected by an “I” grade, the fact that the student receives no credit for the course may impact academic eligibility and, as a consequence, the student's eligibility for financial aid. An unresolved “I” grade may also impact the student's eligibility for financial aid and academic standing when it changes to an “FI” grade, as an “FI” grade affects both the grade point average and the credit completion ratio.

Effective Date

February 11, 2019