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Seton Hall University

Auditing a Course

Audit Options (no credit)
Students who register as auditors are expected to attend class regularly but are not obligated to take tests or comply with any other course requirements. The audit option is not allowed in computer, computer based, laboratory, applied art, applied music, graphics, studio television, writing, physical education activity, independent study, thesis or dissertation, or any off-campus courses. There are two audit options available.

  1. Audit Declaration at Registration - Students who declare an audit option at the time of registration by filing an Audit Declaration are assessed tuition of $600 per credit plus fees. Audit Declaration is restricted to open courses at in-person registration sessions immediately prior to the beginning of a semester.

    Students who file an Audit Declaration may not rescind that declaration and switch to credit status. Auditors who withdraw from a course for which they have filed an Audit Declaration will not receive any refund. Within the add/drop period, auditors may drop a course for which they have filed an Audit Declaration; they will receive a refund of tuition only, not fees.
  2. Standard Audit Option - Students who wish to audit a class may submit this request on a Course Adjustment Form available from their adviser or from the Office of the Registrar. Auditors may enroll for any course for which they are qualified. They may be dropped from a course by the professor if their presence impedes normal class progress. They may not change from audit to credit or vice-versa after the fifth week of class or the first third of the course meeting in Summer Session. Regular tuition and fees are assessed for the standard audit option.

The designation of “AU” is noted on the transcript. An “AU” is not used in determining class standing, eligibility or GPA.

Effective Date

January 21, 2009

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