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Print Shop FAQ's

  1. What type of services does the Print Shop offer?
    The Print Shop provides a variety of services such as b/w and color printing/copying, folding, binding, laminating, posters/banners and mounting, padding, wafer seal, saddle stitching and etc.
  2. What is an IDT (Inter-Departmental Transfer Requisition & Invoice Form)work order form? What information must I provide on the IDT form?
    An IDT (Inter-Departmental Transfer Requisition and Invoice Form) is a work order form that is completed by the requestor. When filling out an IDT form, the Debit (charge) section must be completed along with the details of the job description and quantity.  This IDT form must be submitted prior to processing all work orders.
  3. Where can I find the IDT work order form?
    The IDT form is available here.
  4. What is the turnaround time from start to finish for my work order?
    Once the Print Shop receives your work order, the turnaround time will be determined based on the nature and size of your work order. We strive to accommodate all deadlines.
  5. How do I submit my documents for my work order? Which method i.e., software programs are used to submit work orders?
    Work orders can be submitted through e-mail, inter-office mail, electronic files (USB Stick/Disk) or submitted in hardcopy in person.  Once, you are ready to submit your work order (original document) please make sure that you submit your completed IDT invoice form for processing. The Print Shop accepts the following software programs: Publisher, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, JPEG and PDF files. Please note that the Print Shop is not responsible for making changes to your documents. Your final original document should be error free – the Print Shop is not responsible for typos in your documents. However, if your document needs formatting, please notify the Print Shop Manager.
  6. How will I receive my completed work order?
    All completed work orders are delivered by the mailroom. If you prefer to pick-up your completed work order(s), please make arrangements with the Print Shop. All Law School work orders are picked-up by the requestor or by a courier.
  7. Can I integrate b/w copies with color copies in my document(s)? Can I print onto other applications aside from standard paper?
    Yes, you can integrate your document(s) to make it professional and cost effective. Yes, there are many varieties of paper to choose from.
  8. How will I be charged for my print request?
    The Department’s Account Number listed on your IDT form will be billed at the end of the respective month. The Print Shop also accepts external sales at a minimum order of $20.00. For external orders the Print Shop will not process any work orders without prior payment. Payments can be made by check payable to “Seton Hall University Print Shop” or in cash.
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