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Seton Hall University

President's Message on Ethics Reporting  

"Teaching ethically and living ethically lie at the heart of the Seton Hall experience.  Several years ago, the Bayley Project, an exhaustive self-examination of University policies and practices, reaffirmed our commitment to proper behavior in the classroom and the work environment. 

I am pleased to announce the continuation of a confidential Web-based tool to help us all in this regard. EthicsPoint – a system used by many universities – is designed to assist you in reporting misconduct in the workplace.

To speak with an EthicsPoint employee regarding an allegation of misconduct, you may call a toll free telephone number: 1 (888) 236-7522.  Or you may access the EthicsPoint Website through the link the Office of Compliance and Risk Management.

Employees must also continue to report incidents of misconduct to the compliance office. Please note that EthicsPoint is an added reporting mechanism and does not replace our compliance office.

Should you have any questions about the EthicsPoint system, please contact Lori A. Brown, Esq., the University compliance officer, at (973) 313-6132."

A. Gabriel Esteban

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