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Pre-Law Advising  

About the Department 

The Office of Pre-Law Advising assists students who are interested in a legal career by providing advice and assistance at all stages of the application process, from deciding to pursue a career in law to completing law school applications.  The Office of Pre-Law Advising announces law-related events such as visits from law school admissions personnel and the New York Law Forum. 

We are located in Jubilee Hall, Room 565 and can be reached at  (973) 275-2752.

About the Director 

Professor Rob Pallitto is the pre-law adviser. He is also a faculty member in political science. Professor Pallitto has had extensive experience as a practicing attorney, and he teaches classes and conducts research in the areas of  public law and political theory. He is available throughout the year to meet with students, and he also maintains a collection of law-related materials in his office that students may use. Message from the Director » 

Law School Admission Process 

Deciding where to apply, or where to attend law school once you have been accepted, is a very important and highly personal decision. Many factors must be considered, including cost, location, school reputation and school profile. You can find much of the information you need on the Law School Admissions Council website. Look at “law school descriptions” once you enter the site. More » 

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