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Zheng Wang, Ph.D., Director, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Zheng Wang, Ph.D.

Research foci: Peace and conflict management in East Asia, with focus on territory dispute between China and Japan and the South China Sea disputes; historical memory, nationalism, and identity-based conflicts.

Faculty Members

The following represents the faculty members currently affiliated with the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Staff, Research Assistants and Junior Fellows

Patricia Mace, Project CoordinatorPatricia Mace, Project Coordinator 

Hao Long, Graduate FellowHao Long,  Graduate Fellow 

Lindsey Miller, Research AssistantLindsey Miller, Research Assistant 

Choolwe Julia Munsaka, Research AssistantChoolwe Julia Munsaka,  Research Assistant

Trinushka Perera, Graduate FellowTrinushka Perera,  Graduate Fellow

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