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Seton Hall provides public access printers throughout the campus for use by the Seton Hall Community. The printers are connected to the Seton Hall network and are managed using a printing system called Uniprint developed by Pharos Systems. Uniprint works with the campus card system by requiring a customer to swipe an ID card to authenticate to the print server and to obtain a printout.

Campus Map of Printer Locations »

Public print stations are available in the following locations:

Building Location

Corrigan Hall

First Floor (next to vending machines)

Information Commons - Walsh Library

Second Floor (Public Lab)

Jubilee Hall

Room 524 (5th Floor, Public Lab)
5th Floor Hallway (Outside of the Lab)
2nd Floor (Next to Vending Machines)

Nursing (Schwartz) Hall

Room 205 (2nd Floor, Public Lab)
1st Floor Hallway

Arts and Sciences Hall

1st Floor Hallway

Fahy Hall

Room 202 (2nd Floor, Public Lab)
2nd Floor Hallway (Outside of the Lab)

University Center

Living Room (main floor of University Center)

Boland Hall, Xavier Hall, Cabrini Hall

Residence Hall Lobby

McNulty Hall
Room 235 Tutoring Room

Student Printing Costs

Students on the South Orange campus are allotted 400 black and white pages for full time undergraduate and graduate students, and 200 black and white pages for part time students per semester, at no charge. During the summer semester, students are allotted 100 pages.  Printing above this amount will result in a charge of $0.05/page that will be deducted from the student's Pirates Gold account. Color printing in the Walsh Library Information Commons will result in a charge of $0.65/page that will be deducted directly from the student's Pirate's Gold account. Color printing is not included in the free allotment given to students.

To deposit to your Pirate's Gold Account »

Guest Printing

Guests are also able to utilize campus printer services. Guest accounts can be obtained from the Circulation Desk of the Walsh Library for access to lab computers. Printing costs are the same for guests as they are for students. Please see the section above entitled printing costs.

Installing a Printer

Prior to printing at Seton Hall University, you will need to install the printer on your laptop or desktop computer and use the step by step directions on "How to Install Uniprint Printers"

Once you have Pharos installed you will be able to start using the networked printers on campus. To learn how to use Pharos, use this online help document.

Selecting a Printer

When printing, make sure that you select the correct queue based on the type of print job and the operating system on your laptop/desktop.

Operating System
Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP (Black and White)
BW_Phaser_4600_Q on UNIPRINT
Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP (Color)
C_6360_Q on UNIPRINT

Contact Us

Department of Information Technology
(973) 275-2222
Corrigan Hall

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