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 SkyDrive Pro: How To Activate Your Account (for Students) 


SkyDrive Pro, providing 25GB of cloud storage, is now available to students!  

Prior to utilizing SkyDrive Pro, students must first activate their SkyDrive Pro account – the steps are listed below.  Once activated, students will be able to access documents stored on SkyDrive Pro either via the Web Interface, or via the Windows SkyDrive Pro Client for Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Those students running Windows 8 will also be able to use the Modern UI Microsoft SkyDrive Pro app.  For more information about SkyDrive Pro services, the windows 8 SkyDrive Pro app and the Sync Client, please read the Windows 8 blog »

Account Activation

Microsoft SkyDrive Pro accounts need to be activated prior to use.  You will need an Internet connection.  Activation can take as little as two minutes, but may take up to half an hour. Follow the steps below to set up your SkyDrive Pro account now.

  1. Log into your web based e-mail.  This is also your Office365 Page.
  1. Select the SkyDrive link in the navigation bar.  (This is actually a link to SkyDrive Pro.)

SkyrDrive Pro Activation - Step 1 
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  1. Once the Activation process is initiated,a "Working on it..." message will appear on the screen.  Activating your SkyDrive Pro account could take as little as 2 minutes or as long as 30.

Sky Drive Pro Activation - Step 2
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  1. When prompted with the “Get the most out of SharePoint” popup, select OK.

Sky Drive Pro Activation - Step 3
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  1. Once the activation process is completed, your SkyDrive Pro Library will be displayed.

Sky Drive Pro Activation - Step 4
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