Office 365

SkyDrive Pro

Microsoft has made some changes to SkyDrive as offered by the University. You will now get SkyDrive Pro - all the same storage as your original SkyDrive, but with enhanced capabilities. Here's what you need to know »


Start using Lync for IM and online meetings, click here »

Mobile Devices

Settings for reading your Office365 e-mail on Mobile Devices, click here »

Help and Support

Having difficulty loading e-mail properly? You may need to delete your temporary internet files. Read more »

If you need help accessing your account, please reach out to the Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or

Office 365 Upgrade

On September 1, Microsoft upgraded your Office 365 account to the latest version with an increase in storage: 50 GB for Office 365 mailboxes and 25 GB for your files in SkyDrive Pro.

What you get:
  • email with a more modern look;
  • access to rich productivity tools, such as SkyDrive Pro;
  • a more touch-friendly interface.

Learn more:
  • To view a video about using email in Office 365, click here »
  • To read the details about your e-mail account, including message size limit, file attachments, subject length and more, click here »

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