To change your password and set up self-service password reset

In order to be able to change your password and enable password reset, you need to log in to the University's PirateNet services, by clicking on the word "PirateNet" in the header of every University webpage and access your account settings.

  • When you click the PirateNet link on the University's website, a login screen appears. Log in with your PirateNet credentials.

    PirateNet Login Modal Window

  • Once logged in, your dashboard of PirateNet services (PirateNet, Blackboard, Office 365, etc.) will appear, as well as your name in the top header bar.  Click on the your name and then click on "Settings."

    Okta Dashboard Header Bar

  • When your personal single sign-on (Okta) account information appears, you will be able to edit the information in the various sections.  The "Change Windows Password" section allows you to change your password by entering your current password and then creating your new password. The requirements for a secure password are included in the paragraph above the password fields.  Enter your new password and confirm it, then click "Change Password." 

  • For self-service password reset, the next two sections allow you to set up your security question and add a cell phone number capable of receiving a text message.

    Okta Personal Account Info

To set up self-service password resets

You will need to set your own security question (and even create your own personal question) and you can also enter a cell phone number that can receive a text message with a password reset code.

To set up your account to receive an email or text message, follow the same steps outlined above.  On your account screen, you will see the option to add a "Forgotten Password Question" and a "Forgot Password Text Message" (screen shots below).

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you choose a secondary email or a cell phone number to receive your password reset instructions, you will need to answer your "Forgotten Password" question.  If you have not set the question (and answer) up, you will not be able to reset your password.

Forgotten Password Question

Forgotten Password Question

Forgot Password Text Message

Forgot Password Text Message

What if I don't set up a security question or a text message telephone number?

If you do not set up a security question or a telephone number to receive a text message and your password expires or you forget your password, you will need to call the Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 for assistance.

What if my account is locked?

  • If you have tried multiple times to login unsuccessfully, the reason may be that your account has been clocked.  Wait 15 minutes and try again.

NOTE: If you have recently updated your password, please ensure that all your devices have also been updated to reflect your current password. This includes your University-issued computer, cell phones or mobile devices and/or home computers.


Your password allows you to access important personal information, including your e-mail, grades and more.  Please review the following:

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