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Mobility Initiatives 2009-2010

Some pilot projects continued using the Nokia smartphones in the Fall of 2009.  With some support from Nokia, and following a successful pilot project in Environmental Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences launched the Center for Mobile Research and Social Change, researching the use of mobile technologies by nongovernmental agencies to promote health and service initiatives in underdeveloped regions.  

Water Quality Monitoring and Policy (ENVL3050 JA) - Dr. Michael Taylor
This Independent Study was supported using the Nokia E71.  Goals of the project include:
  • Water quality monitoring along East and West Branch of Rahway River.
  • NDG for data collection. 
  • Geotagging, route creation, and mapping of sample sites. 
  • Creation of mobile video tutorials for water sampling protocols.
  • Maps and videos will be connected using an online service to create mobile walking tours of water quality routes.

Research Methods (POLS/ENVL2910 AA and BB) - Dr. Michael Taylor
The goal of the three fall semester Environmental Sciences courses taught by Michael Taylor was to use the Nokia N97 devices for political science data collection (polling, demographics, social trends, etc.).

Small Device Programming - Dr. Bert Wachsmuth
Bert Wachsmuth developed a new course offered to undergraduate students to gain experience in programming for mobile devices. The course, offered during the Spring 2010 semester, utilized the Nokia N97, Apple iPod Touch and Google Android devices.  The SHUMobile android app was developed by students in this course as a class project.

Chemistry Courses - Dr. John Sowa
Student documentation while completing Chemistry labs has been a problem due to the limited workspace on the lab table. The use of either paper or the students’ laptop computers is not feasible due to the proximity of water, fire and chemicals.  The use of these small devices will allow student to document their findings in a more comprehensive and more efficient manner.

College English 1 (ENGL1201) - Melinda Papaccio
This project utilized the Nokia N97 device to create digital stories as part of their coursework requirement to submit as a final project.  Students involved in this project used the Nokia N97 multimedia device to capture their digital artifacts (graphics, videos, interviews, story narration, etc.).  The mobile devices allowed the digital stories to be more genuine and personal in nature than they had been in the past, boosted the overall quality of the finished products and exposed the approximately 60 students in the three English 1201 classes to emerging technology in academia.

Global Problems and the Politics of Human Conflict (ANTH 2228)/IDIS1502 Peoples & Culture of America II - Dr. Cheree Quizon
The Nokia N97 device was used to capture objects as part of the “Treasure Hunt: Global to Local” assignment in the ANTH 2228 Global Problems and the Politics of Human Conflict/IDIS1502 Peoples & Culture of America II course during the spring 2010 semester. The objective of this exercise was to have the approximately 20 students in the class personally experience the search for an object that has traveled from a faraway place, sometimes halfway  around the world, an object that can now be located somewhere in the NY/NJ area.

The Center for Leadership Development - Jack Shannon and Mike Reuter
The goal of this project was to introduce the multiple media and technology available to members of the Seton Hall University community to the incoming group of approximately 15 Freshman Leadership Students. This foundation in the appropriate use of technology for collaboration will serve the incoming students for their degree program at Seton Hall.

Production of Instructional Resources I & II (EDST63)- Dr. Joseph Martinelli
The students were assigned a project that requires the capture of digital artifacts, both audio and video, on their own outside of scheduled class hours using the Nokia N95 multimedia phone. Captured artifacts were used in a student designed technology rich lesson, which was presented to the class via Smartboard. Students were taught how to manipulate, and enhance digital images captured via the Nokia N95 Nokia using MS Expression Design software.

University Life - Hezal Patel
Nokia N97s were assigned  to approximately 40 students in courses taught by Hazel Patel for assignments that utilized the devices to create multimedia pieces for their ePortfolios.  Students in these sections will also utilize different technology to produce their ePorfolios.

University Life - Voices @ the Hall
The goal of the project, led by Liz Hoehn, was for Peer Advisors and Mentors to utilize the Nokia N97 to record freshman reflections on their experiences and conduct interviews to participate in the national Story Corps Project.  Students will include these audio/video clips in the freshman ePortfolio and a local StoryCorps website will be created as a part of the Freshman Experience.

School of Health and Medical Sciences, Research Project – Gait and Sports in Adolescents - Dr. Doreen Stiskal
The goal of this project led by Doreen Stiskal, Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, was to use the mobile devices to record data for a research project involving gait and sports in adolescents. The mobile devices were used to collect data through information gathering and video capturing on-site at athletic events. A team of graduate students will be assisting in the data collection and analysis process.  

Housing and Residence Life - Jas Verem
 Housing and Residence Life utilized the Nokia devices to: (1) publish the two maps created with Village Liaisons (2) connect SHUFly to the above map via Nokia Device by using Google Latitude (3) create a “video tour” of our residential facilities (4) create a “video interview database” of our student leaders and their experiences in HRL 5) explore the use of Nokia phones for paperless use and (6) explore the use of Skype and AIM as a communication tool between resident students and RAs on duty.

Literature for Child and Young Adults - Vivienne Carr
Students in this course received Kindles preloaded with course readings. Course readings focused on literature appropriate for young readers and could be easily read on an eBook device.
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