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Taming the Inbox Monster

The University has implemented a new service for faculty and employees to help “Tame the Inbox MONSTER” and keep your inbox at a safe size for optimal performance.  No more messages that your inbox is approaching capacity, no more getting caught with a full mailbox and not able to receive or send mail, automatically keep your mailbox running fast and at a manageable size.

ArchiveOne, a product that will automatically archive your oldest mail once you reach or go over your inbox quota of 500mb is available to the University community.
Each night the ArchiveOne system will scan your mailbox, if your mailbox size is over 500mb the system will automatically move your oldest e-mail to the ArchiveOne server until your mailbox size is below 500mb. You will continue to have instant access to your e-mail both when viewing your e-mail through PirateNet or when using the Outlook client.

University IT Services will  retain your e-mail archived with ArchiveOne for three years.  Currently these retention rules are under consideration by Executive Cabinet and may change, but we'll let you know if they do.  Annually, e-mail older than three years will be purged from ArchiveOne.  If you have the need to retain e-mail longer than 3 years to comply with the University's file retention policy there is a "Managing Your Email" workshop available at the TLT Center to help you easily and efficiently manage your mail. Contact the Computer Training Classroom for a schedule of classes.

This service is "opt-in", to take advantage of this technology please contact  the Technology Service Desk from your Seton Hall University e-mail account at helpdesk@shu.edu (include your telephone number and SHU ID number) and ask to be enrolled in ArchiveOne.
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