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If you require media equipment, orders may be placed with Media Services in Walsh Library - (973) 761-9554.

Room Capacity
Each room has a variety of setup possibilities.  The more commonly used setup styles are listed with each space.

On campus groups should use the University Scheduler.
Off-campus groups should contact the Scheduling and Events Coordinator at (973) 275-2906; or e-mail

University Center

Chancellor's Suite

Renovated in 2004, the Chancellor’s Suite is tastefully decorated dining/conference area, suitable for elegant dinners, seminar presentations and group meetings. The floors are carpeted, complemented with blonde wood and black tile walls.

Wireless microphone system including:University Center
  • One (1) Hand held microphone  
  • LCD projector Six (6’) foot
  • Cushioned chairs—150

 Room Capacity

  • Round tables and chairs—150
  • Lecture/auditorium style—150

Faculty Lounge

Started originally as a quiet meeting area for faculty members, this space now serves as an auxiliary dining area for the University Club —the primary luncheon space for faculty and staff on campus.

After 3:30 PM, the room also serves many of our
student clubs and organizations for dinners, meetings &

Faculty Lounge Amenities and Equipment
Media is available upon request from Media Services

Room Capacity

  • Round tables and chairs—65
  • Lecture/auditorium style—70
  • Available after 3 PM on weekdays and during operational hours on weekends.

Living Room

Renovated in the Summer of 2005, the Living Room
provides a comfortable gathering area that meets both individual
and group needs.

The Living Room is a multifunctional room, designed
to attract our commuter student population. The amenities
include, but are not limited to, the items listed below. Independent
study carrels provide adequate lighting and quiet,
while our group work areas are perfect for spreading out
and brainstorming the next big idea.

The inviting colors and plush furniture make the Living Living room
Room a favorite for many.

 Amenities and Equipment

  • Two (2) hot & cold water sinks
  • Instant hot water tap for tea, soup and the like
  • Two (2) microwave ovens
  • Vending machines—coffee, snacks, soft drinks
  • Two (2) refrigerators

*Please note that this venue is not available for reservations.
Main Lounge
The Main Lounge is the largest venue in the
University Center and is commonly used for meetings,
dinners, guest speakers, and other special events.

The room is equipped with numerous available
media equipment options, including our new 16 channel,
two (2) amp/monitor system for larger scale performances
as well as a wireless microphone system.

Main Lounge Amenities and Equipment

  • Wireless microphone system including—One (1) Hand held microphones
  • One (1) sound system, with CD player
  • Four (6’) foot, rectangular tables—22
  • Five (5’) foot, round tables—35
  • Folding chairs— 350
  • Stage

Room Capacity

  • Round tables and chairs—300
  • Rectangular tables and chairs—280
  • Lecture/Auditorium style—500

Other media equipment is available from Media Services

Pirate's Cove

The Pirate’s Cove is the building’s coffee shop,
casual breakfast, lunch and dinner area. Ideal for studying,
group meetings or just relaxing, the “Cove” is located on
the main floor of the University Center.

As of 2004, Gourmet Dining Services, the campus
dining provider, entered into a partnership with Starbuck’s
to offer their line of coffee, cappuccino and espresso

Pirate's Cove Amenities and Equipment

  • Wireless and wired microphone system
  • DVD player
  • CD player
  • VCR
  • LCD projector
  • 60” color TV

Room Capacity

  • Lecture/auditorium style—125
  • Fixed seating—100
  • Available after 4 PM on weekdays and during operational hours on weekends.

University Club

The University Club is the informal lunch and meeting area for faculty, staff and administration. With the ability to seat 90 people, it is an evening and weekend favorite for meal receptions and group meetings.

University ClubWhile reservations are made through the Office of Community Development, the space is operated, setup and served by the campus dining service provider, Gourmet Dining Services.

Room Capacity
Maximum capacity

  • With round tables and chairs—65

Meeting Rooms
213/214 & 223

 213/214—Managed and maintained by the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, this space is used for meetings and receptions.

223—Managed and maintained by the Office of Community Development, this room is intended for meetings and presentations. It comes equipped with a dry erase board and, as with all other spaces, media equipment is available through Media Services. (Room 223)

 Meeting RoomsAmenities and Equipment

  • 213/214—Dry erase board; projection screen
  • 223—Dry erase board

 Room Capacity

  • 213/214—16 people
  • 223—10 people
  • Available after 5 PM on weekdays and during operational hours on weekends.
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