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Publicity and Posting Procedures


It is the responsibility of each group to properly publicize its activities. Publicity should include all information concerning particulars of the event, including what the event is, when and where it will be held, who is sponsoring it and admission price if necessary.

On-campus publicity for student events must be distributed in accordance with individual building policies. Posting is prohibited on the University Green. Policies and regulations regarding the posting and use of advertisements on the campus are available through the Department of Community Development. Posting regulations for residence halls are available in the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

  • College of Nursing
    The bulletin board marked "Student Activities" located on the first floor may be used for posters and flyers. Materials placed on walls, doors or other bulletin boards will be removed.
  • Fahy Hall
    Groups must have their materials approved and stamped by the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Room 118, before posting on public bulletin boards. Promotional materials on walls, doors and windows will be removed.
  • Walsh Library
    All material must be approved by the dean of the library. No posting on library doors is allowed.
  • University Housing
    All flyers, posters, etc., must be approved for distribution and/or posting and stamped by the administrative assistant or the residence hall director of each building. Information is to be posted on approved bulletin boards, not on painted or glass surfaces. Stuffing mailboxes or sliding materials under doors is prohibited.
  • Arts and Sciences Hall
    Flyers and posters may be posted on bulletin boards. Materials may not be posted on walls, doors or in restrooms.
  • Bishop Dougherty University Center
    All materials must be approved and stamped by the Department of Community Development.  Read more »

These materials will be displayed on bulletin boards throughout the Bishop Dougherty University Center by University Center employees. Flyers may not be posted on painted surfaces, glass or walls. The University Center is able to approve 3 flyers or 1 large poster per event.

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