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University Center Posting Guidelines

  • All requests for displaying fliers, advertisements, posters, etc., must be approved by the Department of Community Development.

  • Signs that are not approved by the Department of Community Development will be removed.

  • The following types of signage are not allowed:
    • Signs not in accordance with the Seton Hall University Catholic Mission
    • References to alcohol or anything that is deemed "inappropriate"
    • Credit Card and other solicitations not related to Seton Hall University

  • Only recognized organizations of Seton Hall University can post fliers on the University Center boards.

  • Only five (5) fliers and one poster will be approved for the University Center.
    • Poster's size is not to exceed 11" x 17".

  • All signs must be hung on the designated bulletin boards in the University Center. Under no circumstances may posters or unauthorized signs be attached to walls, glass, classrooms or public spaces creating unnecessary maintenance cost, safety hazards or visual pollution. All signs should be left at the front desk.
  • Any poster, notice or sign that creates a safety hazard will be removed and the offender subject to fine.

  • Notices, posters, bills or like materials shall not be attached to building exteriors.

  • The Department of Community Development must approve all banners. The conditions for approval or disapproval include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Size
    • Method of attachment
    • Duration of display
    • Content
    • Material (Based on Fire Code)

  • Campus Organizations are responsible for reasonable removal and disposal of materials brought in by the group at the conclusion of their event. 

The Department of Community Development has been instructed to remove all poster, signs, notices and similar material that have not been placed in accordance with these regulations. Community Development will not be responsible for storage or condition of signs removed. Any costs incurred for their removal or for the repair of damage caused by unauthorized placement will be charged to the persons or organizations responsible. Groups and/or individuals violating this policy may lose the privilege to advertise in the University Center. 

Campus Wide Posting Guidelines

  • No materials shall be attached to trees, lamp standards, ground furniture, traffic controls, buildings signs, directional signs, warning signs or other fixtures.

  • No notices, fliers, bills or such materials are to be placed on vehicles parked on university grounds or in the parking lot.

  • Building notice boards are under the supervision of the department or other unit in whose area they are located.

  • Notices or other materials may be placed on boards only when approved by the respective building manager.

  • The department or unit establishes posting and removal guidelines.


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