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New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code Penalties


New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code 5:18-2.12 Penalties

4. Fire Protection Equipment

ii. Disabling or decreasing the effectiveness of any fire suppression or alarm device or system.

  1. In a place of public assembly or education - a maximum of $5,000 per occurrence
  2. In any other place - a maximum of $1,000 per occurrence [Also, according to N.J.S.2C:33- 3 [FN2(b)], an individual under 21 years of age will lose his driver’s license for 6 months for pulling a false fire alarm.]

Please Note:

N.J.S.2A:153- 4 allows the award of a $3,000 reward of the detection and apprehension of any person guilty of ... arson .... The reward shall be paid to such person or persons as the municipality governing body may, in its discretion, deem entitled there to.

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