Office of Student Employment

FAQ's for Supervisors

Who is eligible to work? 
Graduate and Undergraduate students are eligible to work as long as they ar ereigstered at least half-time in a matriculating program.  Her at Seton hall half-time for Undergraduate students is 6 credits and half-time for Graduate students is 5 credits.

When can a student start working?  
Only when they have completed an I-9 form and the SEA form for the award period requested and you have received final approval from the Office of Student Employment.

What types of Student Employment are available? 
There are four types of Student Employment:  Federal Work Study, University Funded, Community Services, and Job Location and Development.

Can a student have more than one position on campus? 
No.  Students are permitted to have one position only. 

Can a Graduate Assistant accept additional work outside of their GA contract? 
No.  Provost-approved Graduate Assistantships are contracted for 20 hours per week and these are considered their one and only position allowed.

How many hours can a student work?  
Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year.  During the summer award periods, students may work up to 33 hours per week.

How may I obtain blank I-9 forms?
Contact the Office of Student employment to have these forms e-mailed or
download here »

How may I obtain blank SEA forms?
Contact Student Employment to have blank forms mailed to you or stop by the office in the University Center, room 222 to request blank SEA forms.

How do I post open work study positions?
You may post open work study positions by accessing the PeopleAdmin Student Employment Database here »

Where do I complete the hiring proposal?
To hire a student, Supervisors must complete the hiring proposal in the PeopleAdmin Student Employment Database here »

Where do I approve student timesheets?
All student timesheets are approved electroically through the Kronos system located on your PirateNet page, under the Offices and Services tab, Human Resources »

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