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Direct deposit is a service offered by the University providing employees with the convenience of having their paycheck deposited directly into a checking or savings account of their choice. The funds are transferred electronically from the University's bank into the employee's bank account on the regular payday.

Your net pay will be available to you, through your bank account each payday (whether you are on vacation, out of the office on business or ill), and you will continue to receive a complete earnings statement each payday, which will indicate the amount transferred to your designated bank account.  

With direct deposit you won't have to worry about your paycheck being lost, stolen or misplaced. Its a convenient way to insure your money is safely in your account and available to you on payday. 


You must be an active employee of the University.


If you wish to take advantage of this service, authorizations for direct deposit are available in the Human Resources Office. For checking account direct deposit you will have to furnish a blank, voided check from the checking account into which the paycheck is to be deposited. For savings account deposits, a statement from the bank showing the account number and bank transit number is needed. 

After Human Resources has received the authorization, we will perform a test of the electronic deposit to your account. In the event this test is not successful for any reason, you will be notified. If successful you may expect the next paycheck to be deposited into the designated account.


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